Kuthiala is one of the most beautiful village of Abbottabad District it is situated at the height of About 4500 feet from sea level. It is 17 Km away from Abbottabad. Its Central Area is plane and suburbs is surrounded by the green trees of pine hills and comparatively not less than proper valley of Abbottabad. Population is about 30000 of kuthiala. Two main nations Live in this Valley Awan & Tanoli. Maximum temperature during summer does not exceed 32c. & Minimum temperature is -4c.Kuthiala is 51 Union Concil of Abbottabad District.
Why it is Called Kuthiala.
 A lot of kathas (Streams) flow from this valley So it is called Kuthiala.
Very Fertile.
Its land is very fertile. Different Crops are sown here Like as Maze & Wheat and sufficient production is gained.Now a days Different kinds of vegetable are also grown in this valley. § Potato § Tomato  § Turnip § Ladyfinger § Peas § Caules Flowers
Very Charming.
 Climate of this valley is very Charming and pleasant. It is a picnic spot visitor come hear for Entertain.
Small Villages.
Kuthiala Contain nearly 35 small villages i.e.
1).Naka  2). Nalla 3).Doga 4).Jab 5). Gali Syedian 6). Golra 7).Panyali 8).Salyot 9).Sora
10).  Mukdabi Gup 11).Brahan 12).Todumira 13).Nalla (tudumira) 14).Tali 15).Misser
16).Poona 17).Chakuli 18).Cheera thandi Khuiy 19).Green Town 20).Hall Syedian
21).Tarada 22).Mubarak 23).Kalya 24).Char 25).Lunda 26).Daki 27).Beeri Patyan
28).Cahri 29).Banjgalli 30). Paswal 31). Soben Galli 32).Bagacote 33).Chariala
34).Eid Gah 35).Pahgla  etc.......
Chairman / Nazam of Union Council.
o        Aziz-ur-Rahman (Current)
o        Baber Awan
o        Malik Fazal Alahi
o        Abdul Qayum khan
o        Ashraf Khan  
o        Mariam Javed (Member District Council)

Though kuthiala is the Central main village of Tanawal in Spite of all this standardized facilities have not been provided. It Should be given position of tehsil being main village of district. Collage and Suigas must also be Provided.

This valley is very charming if Govt pay full attention it is not less than murree & Kaghan valley. 

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